Please help make the State Tournament a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!

All participants and spectators are required to adhere to all event rules and requirements included in the League’s policies and procedures, and with the rules set forth by the Minnesota State High School Clay League. Any participant or attendee who does not adhere to these rules will be disqualified and/or asked to leave the event. The event committee reserves the right to make alterations in, or amendments to these rules at any time without notice.

To qualify for the State Tournament, individuals must have one of the top 100 averages (including ties) during the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League spring season.  Team qualification is based on competition in the Trap Shooting Championship in Alexandria in June. Learn more about individual and team eligibility and registration.

Check-In – Team Competition

By qualifying for the State Tournament, all teams are already registered and are required to check-in. Team Coaches are required to check-in at the registration tables at 7:30am.

Check-In – Individual Competition

By qualifying for the State Tournament, all individual participants are already registered and are required to check-in from 11:00am – 12:45pm.  If your team has qualified for state, you may check-in earlier.

Scheduled shooting times and field assignments

Specific time and field assignments for teams are posted prior to the event. Athletes and/or Teams will only be able to shoot during their scheduled time on their designated field(s). It is possible that squads may be moved to maximize time allotment.

Individuals and Teams will shoot in two separate sessions in each competition. After the starting time for each day, all starting and completion times are estimated. It is important  that squads be prepared to shoot immediately after the previous squad completes their round.

Spectator area, tents, and chairs

Any and all spectators are welcomed to attend the event. Team setups including tents and chairs are allowed BEHIND the field sidewalk. If permissible, vehicles are temporary allowed to drive to the spectator and assigned field area prior to competition to unload gear. The area in front of the spectator sidewalk must remain clear at all times for event officials and maintenance vehicles. There is no cost for spectators and parking is free.

Food and beverages

Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be brought to the event or purchased on event grounds and consumed in spectator or camping areas. Grills are only allowed to be used in designated parking or camping areas so the smoke is not disruptive to spectators and participants.


Friendly, obedient and socialized pets are permitted at the event. Pet owners, who bring their pet, are at their own risk and agree to accept full responsibility for any physical damage or personal injury caused by the owner’s pet or to the pet while on event property. Pets brought to the event must be current on all vaccines and must be able to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination. Flexi-leads are not permitted. At all times, pets must be kept on a 6′ or shorter leash while on event property. As a responsible pet owner, please clean up after your pet. For safety reasons, the owner of any pet showing aggression or disruptive behavior may be asked to remove the animal from the event.

Practice available Thursday only

Practice is open on the Thursday before the State Tournament from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Practice is not available the day of the tournament.

Suspension of competition due to hazardous weather conditions

In the event of inclement weather before or during the event, the League will make safety their first priority. When lightening is observed or thunder is heard, the tournament must be suspended. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.

Everyone will be asked to take shelter either inside of a building, shelter or vehicle. If, after lightning is seen, and it does not reoccur for 30 minutes, the tournament committee will review weather reports and the committee will decide if/or when the competition will resume.

If severe weather is forecasted, and time permits, all participants will shoot a lesser number of targets as determined by the tournament committee. If time permits, all participants will shoot more targets until the prescribed number of targets has been shot. If weather does not permit completion of the shooting, the team with the highest score of the round(s) every shooter was able to complete, will be deemed the winner of that competition.

If a competition cannot be held due to severe/inclement weather, the competition will occur Saturday, June 22nd.

Check the League’s website and Facebook page for current updates.

Range Safety Officials

Range Safety Officers (RSO) are responsible for coordinating teams to shoot at their scheduled time and field. They are also responsible for following all policies and procedures in addition to ensuring the safety of everyone. Everyone is expected to comply to all instructions of the RSO’s.

Shotgun labels

Student athletes should affix a label to their firearm that includes their name, school team and contact information. There are many similar firearms at large events, and the possibility of a participant unintentionally taking one similar to theirs can happen.


Scores are recorded on the pre-squadded scoring sheet and tallied in the clubhouse. Scores will be posted on monitors if available and on the Clay Target Leaderboard available to most digital mobile devices.

The only time a round score may be disputed is on the field immediately after a scorer has announced a lost target. Scores are recounted by event officials to ensure accuracy.

25-50-75-100 patches

Patches will be awarded to those student athletes that achieve 25, 50, 75, or 100 straight at the event. Event practice rounds are not eligible.


Awards are presented after competition is completed.
Individual: 1st – 8th place.
Ties are broken by using the longest reverse run.
In the event of an identical reverse run, a tie will be declared.

Team: 1st – 3rd place. Ties are broken using the highest individual scores for each team.

No alcohol or tobacco use allowed

Please refrain from the use of alcohol or tobacco on event property during event hours.

Emergency preparation

Coaches should bring emergency contact information for all their athletes for reference if needed.


Ample on-site free parking is available to all participants.

Media Policy

Working credentials for League events are issued by the USA High School Clay Target League (USAHSCTL) to media/organizations for the sole purpose of providing sporting event access to an individual who has a legitimate working function on behalf of said media/organization, subject to the following conditions:

  • Credentials are for use solely in connection with news and editorial coverage of the event.
  • Any non-editorial, commercial, or other unauthorized use of transmission, film, picture, videotape, audiotape, writing, drawing or other depiction or description of any participant, event, event information, standings, or other activity, is prohibited without prior specific written approval of the USAHSCTL.
  • The USAHSCTL is the sole arbiter in determining the nature, and legitimacy, of an individual/organization’s use of USAHSCTL-related content, including transmissions, film, picture, videotape, audiotape, writing, drawing or other depiction or description of any participant, event, event information, standings, or other activity,
  • Any non-editorial or commercial use of any team school name or logo is prohibited without prior specific written approval of the USAHSCTL and the School Administration.

Working credentials are not transferable, and may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the USAHSCTL, and will automatically terminate if any term hereof is breached.  Organizations should contact the League at to arrange credentials for League events.

Solicitation Policy

The USA High School Clay Target League and its state affiliates (henceforth referred as the ‘League’) prohibits third-party solicitation without express written permission at our events nationwide.

Non-Approved Solicitation:
To provide a distraction-free competitive environment for our athletes, team, coaches, and spectators, the League prohibits solicitation and petitioning by any non-registered entity, representative, or individual at League events, regardless of the cause being represented, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Approved Solicitation:
The League values its relationship with all of its sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors.

The League takes steps to maintain a quality exhibition area with ease of access to booths and displays for all guests. Out of fairness to all, and to provide a distraction-free competitive environment for athletes and spectators, sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors are not allowed to solicit customers, spectators, or competitors outside the confines of their registered booths/areas.

All organizations that wish to solicit – regardless of cause, product, or service – must be pre-approved by the League. Existing approved sponsors, vendors, or exhibitors may not provide non-registered organizations, or their representatives thereof, space and/or access to event services without the express written permission of the League.

To ensure a distraction-free competitive experience at our event, the League takes the following steps:

  1. The League asks non-registered solicitors and petitioners to respect the League’s policy by ceasing their activities and leaving the League’s event premises. If compliance is refused,
  2. The League will partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist the League in having unwanted solicitors and petitioners removed from event premises. In addition, the League may prosecute trespassers.
  3. Previously approved sponsors, vendors, and/or exhibitors that violate the League’s solicitation policies, or act in a manner that assists others to circumvent or violate the League’s solicitation policies, may have their own access revoked, all fees forfeited, and be asked to leave the event premises.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) use

Drone use is not allowed on event property without prior written approval from event officials. Approved use of a drone must fully comply with all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and guidelines as well as any other applicable laws.

Roadway construction

Check the department of transportation’s website for current construction projects that may affect your travel.

Thank you!

This event is possible because of the dedication of coaches, assistants, schools, parents, student athletes and spectators that make it a competitive, enjoyable and safe experience.

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