Eligibility and Registration

Participant qualifications:

All qualifying teams must be members in good standing of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League (MNSHSCTL) and of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).  Qualifying MNSHSCTL student athletes for the individual competition must be enrolled at a MSHSL-member school. Student athletes must be in grades 7-12.

Qualifying individuals and teams must pay the registration fee, provide their own firearm, ammunition (minimum of 100 rounds each for team and individual competition), eye protection, and ear protection.

Competing teams and individuals will exhibit the qualities of gracious professionalism and conform to the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League’s Sportsmanship Agreement and Policies & Procedures.

Registration and fees

Registration fee is $45 per student athlete ($225 per team of 5).

 Student athletes must provide their own ammunition.

Qualifying individuals (top season averages) will be invited to participate via email shortly after conference season results are final. Individuals must complete the registration payment June 5th – 19th at 3 p.m. CT through their Athlete Management System in ClayTargetGo.com. Female qualifiers will have the option to select which individual competition division (boys or girls) they prefer to compete in. After completion of the athlete’s registration, a confirmation will be sent via email.

Qualifying teams (top 40 from the Trap Championship) will be determined upon the completion of the Championship. These teams will require the head coach to select participating athletes (5 and up to 2 alts) and make the registration payment ($225) before June 19th at 3 p.m. CT in ClayTargetGo.com.

Parking and spectator admission is free.

Team competition

Team qualifications:

The top 40 teams (5 highest scores regardless of Classification) based on total team score from the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League Trap Shooting Championship in Alexandria for the State Tournament.

If all individual scores on the teams are tied for 40th place, then the longest reverse run tiebreaker method is used starting with the high gun score. If that score is tied, then subsequent lower scores will be used utilizing the same reverse run method.

If the number of competition targets is reduced for the Championship day’s competition, the following calculations will apply to each student athlete’s score to achieve a qualified 100-target event score to determine the team (top 5) score: 50-target event: double the 50-target score, cancellation: use Week 5 scores from the conference season.

All qualifying teams MUST designate their student athletes that will participate in the State Tournament upon qualifying. This will be coordinated through the clay target league’s Team Management System. Teams must have a minimum of five student athletes and up to two additional alternates. Only five student athletes will shoot and alternates cannot be used after the competition begins.

Team squadding:

• Coaches will affix pre-printed student athlete name labels containing the athlete information on the supplied scoring sheet to form a squad (5).
• Teams may substitute student athlete(s) from the League-submitted starting squad with an alternate student athlete (from the submitted roster) ONLY BEFORE the team’s Session 1 begins.
• Alternate-designated student athletes cannot be substituted after competition begins.
• Session 1 scoresheets will be titled and printed in black ink. Session 2 scoresheets will be titled and printed in red ink. Please use the corresponding scoresheets for each Session.
• Student athlete name labels are also designated ‘Session 1’ and ‘Session 2’. Use the Session 1 labels on the Session 1 scoresheet. Do the same for Session 2.
• Squadding order for each Session needs to be exactly the same.

Team competition:

• Each team member will shoot two rounds (50 targets) in each of two different sessions (split squads) for a total of 100 targets.
• The team with the highest combined number of targets hit will win.
• If there is a tie for any place, the team with the highest individual score(s) in subsequent order will determine the winner.
Click here to view the schedule and field assignments.

Team  awards:

1st, 2nd and 3rd place (including ties) are awarded team trophies and individual medals (one for coach, five for competitors, and one for each alternate, up to two). Additional medals are available for purchase.

Individual competition

Individual qualifications:

The top (including ties) 100 boys and 25 girls using the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League’s regular season average are qualified and invited to compete in their respective divisions. Girls will have the choice to compete in one of either division. The MSHSL has had the longstanding practice to offer the opportunity for a female participant to compete in a boys activity. This has been a practice used since the introduction of Title IX in 1972.

Individual competition:

• Each athlete will shoot 4 consecutive rounds (100 targets).
• The highest number of targets hit will win.
• If there is a tie for any place, a “reverse longest run” tiebreaker will be used.
• All ties after a reverse run is determined will result in a tie for that place.

If a tiebreaker is required, the reverse longest run of hit targets by the athletes will be used. The longest run score will start from the last target and count backwards until a missed target is reached to determine the score. The athlete with the longest (highest number) reverse run is declared the winner. If there is a tie after the longest run is totaled, then a tie for that place is declared.

Individual Awards:

1st through 8th place for each division are awarded individual trophies.


• Scorekeepers and Range Safety Officers are supplied by the shooting range.
• Squads cannot take a break between rounds during each Session except to retrieve the second box of ammunition.
• Squads for Session 2 must be comprised of the same athletes and squad sequence as Session 1.
• It is important to be prepared to shoot immediately after the previous squad completes their round.
• The only time a round score may be disputed is on the field immediately after a scorer has announced a lost target. Scores cannot be changed after the next student athletes shoots.
• Coaches must remain behind the field during competition. Coaches may assist special need student athletes that require help while shooting.
• Any team or individual may be disqualified if they miss their scheduled time.

Score postings

• Scores will be posted online at www.claytargetleaderboard.com
• Coaches should verify their team’s scores on their electronic device or in the clubhouse.
• If there is a scoring discrepancy, the head coach of the team should notify the scoring officials immediately.

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